Monday, March 13, 2017

All Winners in the February 22nd Ladies' Tourney

Some were more winners than others...

So, The More Winners were:

A tie for 1st place:
     Marie Bird and Bev Chaidez      
2nd (or 3rd?) place:
     Sheri Paskins

And the Winners were:

Alyce Weisiger, Kris Beer, Jane Bower, Judie Eaton, Melinda Weishar, Lea McDill, Connie Green,
Beth Lawrence, Louise Taylor, Jan Baker, Pam Jepperson, Penelope Peterson, and Minou Boyer

Soooo Fun!
Mine! No, mine!
A winning team
Let's Pickle!
Perfect position

I really WON a game?!?

It's a point!

Just hit it to me, will ya?

I hate these lobs!
It takes teamwork!


Thanks to...

Of course, it takes a dedicated support crew to put on such a fun time. So, a huge thanks to very important winners Ken Fakler, Mike Eaton, and Karen Fakler for all their time, energy and whistle-blowing skills.

Yes, I do love this game!
Where's Karen? Karen, I need YOU!

Post-Tourney Lunch at the Heber City Café was also a Winner

Thanks to Alyce Weisiger and Judie Eaton for planning, awards to the More Winners, and gift bags to the Winners and any others who joined us, whether players or spectators.

And thanks to Cary Hobbs, photographer extraordinaire, for all of these great pictures!

Stay tuned for another blog in a few days. All about St. Paddy's Day, Men's Tourney, and clinics to come.

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