Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A New Year and Lots of News

A few words from the Board:

We encourage all of you to check your emails regularly as you will receive news of tournaments and clinics, some of which may be time-critical. For example, there may be a limit to the number of participants. If you don't see the email in time, you may be left out. You'd miss it; we'd miss you! And that would be sad!

Each time the blog has a new post, you'll also receive an email. You can certainly look at the blog anytime, and all the past posts are accessible all the time. Hey, you can even tell any and everyone you meet about the club and give them the website info. Anyone who searches for pickleball in Heber on the Internet will see the blog. It's actually FIRST on the list!

We are working on ways to improve rotation for all levels of players. No one likes to sit out waiting to get in a game. We hope that you'll be aware of new players who could benefit from your experience and skill. Take a turn to play with people you may not know or haven't played with.

Finally, we hope that you are continuing to improve your game. We'll have clinics to facilitate skills and strategies, but you can also watch videos that show specifics of the game. The following websites are fabulous resources:
  • www.usapa.org - videos plus information on rules, places to play across the country (really great if you're traveling), tournaments, membership, equipment, etc.
  • www.pickleballchannel.com - Tips from the pros, training videos
  • www.PickleballCentral.com - Instructional and Tournament videos
  • YouTube - search for Pickleball videos
And then there's You, You, You - share your knowledge and experiences. Our club would benefit so much if you have tips and tricks.



Ken Fakler and Mike Eaton are putting together a fabulous tournament series, planning for once-a-month Whistle-Stop type tournaments. There will be a participant limit, so pay attention to your emails. More info coming soon!

Pickleball tournaments abound all around the state and surrounding areas. We'll try to keep you informed of all that we know about in case you want to start competing. And if you hear of one that might be of interest to others, let us know!



Ken and Mike also plan lots of clinics to benefit beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. These too will have a limit. In addition, Kevin Priebe will be offering free skills and strategies clinics once a month for level 2 & 3 players. The first 16 people to sign up will participate.

Save the Date - St. Patrick's Day, March 17th

Lunch at the Soldier Hollow Grill for all members

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