Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Club Tournament

A successful tournament was held on Thursday, December 3rd. We had 27 participants who played their hearts out with slams, dinks, lobs, and well-placed-impossible-to-return shots. Ken Mickelsen was Tournament Director extraordinaire and had organized all pairings and matches. He also did a bit of scrambling for teams in the Mixed Doubles games after a few of the players had to leave early and a wounded ankle sidelined Doug Rosecrans. With the level of play, especially in the Women's Doubles, so competitive, the games took a lot longer than expected.

Participants were as follows:

WOMEN: Alix Thayne, Carol Lee, Bev Chaidez, Jen McCarthy, Myrna Perez, Jan Altieri, Donna Buys, Susan Lockhart, Judie Eaton, Karen Fakler, Marianne Wicks, Leslie Oksner, Kris Beer, and Carma Isaac.
MEN: Mike Altieri, Warren Dinter, Ken Mickelsen, Jim Stuart, Hans Stocker, Bill Miano, Ken Fakler, Jerry Ramult, Doug Rosecrans, Mickey Oksner, Ron Lockhart, Jack Richardson, Mike Eaton, and Ron Lee.

Winners of their Divisions were as follows:

WOMEN'S DOUBLES: Blue - Myrna Perez and Jan Altieri; Red - Judie Eaton and Karen Fakler
MEN'S DOUBLES: Blue - Hans Stocker and Bill Muano; Red - Mike Eaton and Ron Lee
MIXED DOUBLES: Green - Alix Thayne and Warren Dinter; Black - Marianne Wicks and Ron Lee

Thanks to the scorekeepers - Char Lovelass, Carlos Monssen, and Kris Beer - who not only kept track of servers and marked points, but also helped with line calls.

A large group of spectators cheered the good shots, moaned the missed shots, and generally had a raucous good time in the bleachers.

Potluck Social and Annual Meeting

Following the tournament, 52 members and guests gathered at the Valais Clubhouse to celebrate the first year of the Heber Valley Pickleball Club, formed just one year ago on December 2, 2014. Great food, from shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, and stuffed mushrooms, to ham and turkey and all kinds of side dishes, to exquisite desserts including hot cherry pie, a huge fruit pizza, and rum cake with a "kick." Man, this group knows how to put out a FEAST!

Outgoing President Kris Beer led a short business meeting with updates from Secretary Carol Lee, Treasurer Kay Shean, Social Director Leslie Oksner, and Training Director Mike Altieri. The Board's proposed By-Law changes were accepted. They include the following:
  • The Vice-President will change from a 2-year position that moves into the Presidency the second year to a 1-year position.
  • The Secretary to split off the Membership duties and add a Membership Coordinator to the standing committees.
  • Both Training Director and Social Director allowed to be Co-Chair positions.
  • A Fundraising Chair and Committee to be appointed as necessary.
The Board presented its recommendations for the new Board. Nominations were also accepted from the floor. The new Board will take over January 1st, 2016 and is as follows:
  • President - Lynn Keller
  • Vice-President - Cary Hobbs
  • Secretary - Alyce Weisiger
  • Treasurer - Carlos Monssen
  • Membership - Doug Rosecrans
  • Social Co-Chairs - Leslie Oksner and Carol Lee
  • Training Co-Chairs - Bill Miano and Brenda Blackham
Door prizes were awarded to someone at each table of a homemade loaf of bread, donated by Bill Miano, breadmaker expert.

Ken Mickelsen announced the tournament winners and each was presented with a "medal" (a whiffle ball on a ribbon) and a prize, for the women a visor and the men a ball cap.

A great party and fun OFF the court for all of us!

2015 Board
2016 Board

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