Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another Mixed-up Whistle-Stop Tournament

It was a wild day at the Wasatch Rec Center on Wednesday morning, April 26th as 48 picklers (27 women and 21 men) took to the courts. The format was the same except everyone scurried to get one group off and the other group on when the whistle blew every 11 minutes. No resting or lollygagging allowed! Some groups finished well ahead of the whistle when winning by 12 points; other groups didn't make game before their time was up. The most points possible was 72, and the top score posted was 64 points by Tom Reed. Quite a feat to be sure!

Group 1 results had 3 men and one woman getting honors.
    First Place: Doug Jenkins
In a 3-way tie for 2nd: Rod Freudenberg, Craig Stark, and Marie Bird

Group 2 winners were separated by only 1 point, 64, 63, and 62. Wow!.   
    First Place: Tom Reed
    Second Place: Kerry Belcher
    Third Place: Lea McDill

Myrna, working to defend her title, with partner Jen
Ken and Carlos, a dynamic duo!




Kris and Tom with a 12-point win


Judie and Jan, what great form!

This demure twosome, Cary and Charisse, beat 2 of the 2nd place winners, Craig and Rod, 9-7.
Charisse is one of our newest members and the rookie star of the year!

The Intrepid, Always-Great Field of Players: (Yay Us!)

Group 1: Doug Jenkins, Dale Beeman, Marianne Wicks, Jack Richardson, Rob Whelan, Charisse Sampson, Brad Belcher, Ann Crooks, Jan Steinbach, Merry Duggin, AlyseWeisiger, Connie Green, Karen Reed, Kevin Chaidez, Rod Freudenberg, Craig Stark, Josh Richardsen, Steve Laneri, Leslie Oksner, Mike Duggin, Susan Lockhart, Penelope Peterson, Marie Bird, and Cary Hobbs.

Group 2: Carlos Monssen, Melinda Weishar, Jan Baker, Tenie Theobald, Myrna Lueck, Michelle Miller, Kris Beer, Paul Tayler, Dan Weishar, Jan Altieri, Jen McCarthy, Mary Freudenberg, Bev Chaidez, Jim Jones, Kerry Belcher, Hans Stocker, Pam Jepperson, Judie Eaton, Tom Reed, Craig Power, Lea McDill, Carma Isaac, Ken Mickelsen, and Micki Oksner.
As usual, with the leadership of Ken Fakler and Mike Eaton, the 6 games for each player went off without a hitch. Carol and Ron Lee helped with registration, timing and scorekeeping.

Ken's pre-game instructions warned the slammers they would be cited for a slamming violation. No one kept track of the individual slams, but there were a few who "just couldn't help" themselves. The non-slammers were grateful for the reprieve as no one left with more bruises than they came with.

Another great HVPC tourney followed by lunch at The Spin Café with awards given the winners. Such a fun time!
Look for more tournaments and clinics from Ken and Mike.

Outdoor Play

Who knows when the snow and rain will quit falling, but we know it will sometime. And when sun and warmer temps arrive, many of us will be outside playing again. The Southfield courts will be busy between 9 and 11 for sure. We'd like to keep the courts available for open play during those hours. So, for those who don't like to wait to play, we suggest scheduling your own times and people with whom to play.

There will be a system of rotation on and off the courts, probably much like last year, with placement of paddles on the fence. But if anyone has a suggestion for a more efficient system, please let us (the Board) know. In the meantime (while it continues to be wintry), we'll see y'all at the Rec Center!

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