Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pickleball for Christmas

If you're thinking about getting or giving "anything pickleball" for Christmas or, for that matter, any time...there's a way for you to save money and to send some the Club's way too. What a deal, huh?

Not only would your purchase benefit you with a 5% discount, but a 5% credit would go to the Club as well. Here's how it works...

Log on to www.pickleballcentral.com and check out all the equipment, clothing, and gift ideas available. You can buy and try a paddle for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied, send it back for a refund or exchange for a different one. They also guarantee the lowest price for identical products. There is a lot of information about paddles by weight, grip, type, use and brand. Use the Pickleball Paddle Guide to assist you in your choice. Balls, clothes, bags, nets, etc. are all available in one place. Even the new Onix PURE 2 balls are for sale. Free shipping on orders over $69 too!

The Club Rewards Program:

When you check out, provide the club code CRHeber in the coupon code box and hit the "apply" button.. You can also call them at 888-854-0163 and provide the club name. Every February the club will receive a gift card for the value of whatever is in the club's Reward Account from the preceding year. The can be used to purchase anything Pickleball Central sells.

There is still time for the Club to earn rewards before the end of the year!
Again, the website is www.pickleballcentral.com.

Happy Shopping!

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