Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Action-Packed Pickleball

News from the HVPC

With almost 100 members, the club is a force to be reckoned with, at least on the pickleball court! We will continue to grow as members talk about the game to their family, friends, and neighbors. The HVPB Board has talked about expansion and the Catch-22 when we don't have many courts. But we think growth is inevitable as more people start playing. We all know it's ADDICTIVE!!!

Even with all 4 outdoor courts busy every morning, we're making it work. And while we're sitting and waiting our turn, we have a great time socializing.

We may want to explore setting up afternoon and/or evening play, or having certain days/times designated for different levels or men's/women's matches.

We are continuing to talk with Wasatch Co., Heber City, and Midway City about building new courts or converting existing ones to accommodate pickleball. If you have any ideas about ways to accomplish these goals, please let a board member know. And if you don't know your board members, see names and contact info below:
  • Lynn Keller, President - kellersiep@gmail.com
  • Cary Hobbs, Vice-President - caryhobbs@comcast.net
  • Alyce Weisiger, Secretary - ajweisiger44@gmail.com
  • Carlos Monssen, Treasurer - carlosmonssen@msn.com
  • Doug Rosecrans, Membership - dcrosecrans@gmail.com
  • Bill Miano, Co-Director, Training - jetlagbill@yahoo.com
  • Brenda Blackham, Co-Director, Training - bbbg3946@aol.com
  • Leslie Oksner, Co-Director, Social - 2lolo@earthlink.net
  • Carol Lee, Co-Director, Social - caleeinpc@aol.com
  • Kris Beer, Past-President and Blogger - kbeer62@msn.com


Women's and men's tournaments were held on Thursday, August 24th and Friday, August 25th. Fun, most certainly. Competitive, most definitely. Both mornings were cool but the matches were HOT!

Participants were as follows:

Women: Jan Altieri, Kris Beer, Kerry Belcher, Christina Berg, Bev Chaidez, Kim Clifton, Susan Dinter, Judie Eaton, Connie Greene, Karen Handler, Lynn Keller, Beth Lawrence, Carol Lee, Leslie Oksner, Myrna Perez, Sandy Smiley, Pat Sullivan, Alix Thayne, Jill Trimble, Alyce Weisiger, Marianne Wicks, and Barbara Gardner.

Men: Mike Altieri, Mike Duggin, Ken Fakler, Jerry Habeck, Cary Hobbs, Doug Jenkins, Ron Lee, Bill Miano, Ken Mickelsen, Carlos Monssen, Mickey Oksner, Jack Richardson, Doug Rosecrans, Mike Scheuer, Franz Siep, Chesley Smiley, Hans Stocker, and Jim Stuart.

Thanks to the superb organizational skills and expertise of Brenda Blackham. Assisted by Leslie Oksner and Pat Sullivan, there were very few hiccups, even when injuries forced some last minute substitutions. 


Saturday night at Valais Park, about 50 members gathered for some great food, with barbequed pork and chicken prepared by Mike Eaton. Two tables were loaded with side dishes, salads, and desserts...can you say, "Fabulous!!!"?

Leslie presented the awards to the winners of the tournament.


Sundance - Runner up: Beth Lawrence & Jill Trimble; 1st place: Christina Berg & Karen Handler

Beth & Jill
Chris & Karen
Wasatch - Runner up: Judy Eaton and Barbara Gardner; 1st place: Connie Greene & Kim Clifton;

Connie & Kim
Timpanogas - Runner Up: Kerry Belcher & Jan Altieri; 1st Place: Myrna Perez and Bev Chaidez



Wasatch - Runner Up: Mickey Oksner & Cary Hobbs; 1st place - Jerry Habeck & Carlos Monssen

Timpanogas - Runner Up: Chesley Smiley & Ken Fakler; 1st Place: Mike Altieri & Hans Stocker

A rousing game of Charades led by the Altieri's, followed by a "stupid game" of jelly beans led by Susan Dinter ("stupid" was indeed her description) rounded out the evening. Surprisingly, there were no winners of either of these events. But no losers either. A lot of good sports, though.

Stay turned for announcement of the next tournament for Mixed Doubles, some time in the fall. 

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