Monday, July 11, 2016

More Clinic and Round Robin Details

Past Event - Wednesday, June 2

The Strokes and Strategies for Tournament Play was taught by Sarah Gaines, a 5.0 player and Huntsman Games gold medalist. This was not a drills clinic but individual evaluation for those players who may be interested in entering competition other than our local play and who may not yet have rankings by wonder what division they should enter.

Monday, July 11

A very busy day for the Heber Valley Pickleball Club. Fun, fun, and more fun!!

Brenda, Lauran, and Judy - Awesome instructors!
Judy gives Carol, Mike and others some tips
Mike, with partner Dale, serves as Brenda watches.
16 players joined Brenda, Judy, and Lauran Anderson on the Southfield Courts for more great instruction on basic strokes and strategies...and who doesn't need this? We are so fortunate to have such awesome players in our club who want us all to improve and are willing to spend time giving us tips and practice on a wide variety of skills.

13 others played a Whistle-Stop Round Robin at the Rec Center. The final championship game was a hard-fought battle hard for the honors, with Gary and Hans edging out Bev and Steve.

Steve and Bev take on Gary and Hans
The Southfield Park Pavilion was the gathering spot for a picnic lunch, attending by about 25 people. Thanks to Leslie and Bill for organizing the clinic and Round Robin play and to Leslie and Carol for once again mastering the details of the HVPC social event, complete with prizes going to those who answered the Pickleball Quiz correctly.
A beautiful day for a picnic!

Kimber gave a big thanks and lots of indoor and outdoor balls to the club for "including me in your activities these last couple of months, I am so grateful for any chance to play pickleball, and I have enjoyed meeting all of you. Play safe and Pickle on." She is heading north in her motorhome. Save travels, Kimber. Come back and play anytime!

More events are being planned for later in the summer. Stay tuned for emails from

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