Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Kickoff

Good morning, picklers!

The Summer Kickoff  held on Thursday, June 4 at the Valais courts and pavilion was attended by 33 members, spouses, and guests. Several played from 4-6, then joined the rest of the group for the potluck at 6:30. We were fortunate to have great weather, not too hot, not too breezy....pretty much a perfect pickleball day and evening!

And the food was amazing! If you missed the party, we hope you'll join us for the next one. No date set yet, but the board is meeting next week and we'll plan something fun and let you know. If you ever have any suggestions for the board, you can email any one of us with your ideas. We are the following:

President, Kris Beer -
Vice President, Csary Hobbs -
Secretary, Carol Lee -
Treasurer, Kay Shean -
Social Director, Leslie Oksner -
Training Director, Mike Altieri -

We'd love to know what is working or not, what you'd like to do about training and clinics, scheduling of open play indoors and outdoors, future tournaments, and of course, social get-togethers. Other clubs we have heard about have ladies days, breakfasts, lunches, cocktail parties...we are open to whatever suggestions you have.  So BRING IT ON!!!

Final Opportunity to Order Your HVPC T-shirt

Before the order goes in, later this week, order yours. Great summer dri-fit fabric, If you don't fall down n the dirt or drip your after-play ice cream cone down the front, or sweat profusely, you can even wear it multiple days without washing. You can also look like all your pickleball friends who have theirs. Togetherness may not help your game, but you'll be lookin' good!

Stay tuned for information about upcoming clinics and other pickleball-related news.

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