Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Lots of "picklers" continue to play every weekday morning, dropping in anytime form 9 to 12. We always have 2 courts and sometimes a third. Games are not organized, so everyone can just drop in and play. If there are players waiting, we usually play to 7 points, otherwise a regular game to 11.

Mike Altieri has held two mini clinics, one on lobs, the second on serving. He will send out email reminders before the first Wednesday of the month and let you know what the topic-of-the-day will be. Just show up about 10 to learn some finer points of the game. If you want more individualized skills training, just ask Mike.

Depending on interest, we will start using the third court at 10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for those who would like special work on technique and/or strategy. New players are welcome to join as well. Remember, beginners, we've ALL been there and want you to improve. Everyone is on board to help you learn!!

Tournament Coming April 7th

We're excited about a tournament planned for Tuesday, April 7th from 9 am to 1 pm at the Rec Center. Please sign up by Monday, March 30th for Round Robin play for only the first 24 players. We'll be awarding prizes and Leslie Oksner. our social chairperson, is planning a social following the tournament. If tournament play isn't for you, we will have bleachers set up for spectators.

The Club is dedicated both to growing the sport and making it fun for everyone who wants to play. To that end, some players have asked to have a general list of Pickleball Etiquette. The following was provided by Brenda Blackham from St. George, who helped many of us learn the game last summer.

Pickleball Court Behavior
1.  Sportsmanship is first and foremost in pickleball. As such, lines are called by the team on the side of the court where the line is in question. Your opponents are always given the benefit of the doubt. Bystanders are not linesmen. We will all make bad line calls. If someone consistently makes poor calls, they should be talked to privately. My experience is that the people who make the worst calls are poor players. so it really doesn't matter. Don't point out that you are a bad player by making poor calls.
2.  As courts become more crowded, stick to whatever rules the club decides on for rotational play. Better players sometimes feel they command more court time than lesser players. Do not let this happen. The HVPC has determined that for now, players who have been waiting will rotate in either after 7 or 11 point games.
3.  Don't hit the ball constantly at the less skilled player in recreational play. Either hit the ball as the situation demands, or hit to the better player. Everyone then gets better faster. If you are the better player, be kind.
4.  Only hit the ball as hard as you can control. We all get hit accidentally, but no one likes to be hit in the face by a poorly controlled fast ball. It is ok to direct a ball at your opponent, but should the ball hit them, it should be below the waist.
5.  Recognize that better players like to play together, but that people get better by playing with better players. In the course of play, try to make sure that both those needs are accommodated. The Club has set the times from 9 to noon daily for regular drop-in play. If you are a more skilled player and want to play with others at your level, please arrange times other than this.

Finally, many of you have asked where you can find more information about pickleball, rules, equipment, training, etc. Listed below are some links to sites that you might find interesting. The USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Association) has a wide variety of topics, including YouTube videos of tournaments, training tips, skill building, etc. It is your best source for pickleball information.

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